Beauty and the Bump

This is Aubrie...not only is she a stunning beauty on the outside, she has a beautiful kind heart that radiates.  Aubrie is not a typical  client of mine...although she started out as one ( I shot her engagments and wedding a few years back). She then became my photo intern, then my photo assistant, and now is the adored Nanny of my 3 children.  You can say she became my right hand women.  She has seen my good, bad and even the ugly (no makeup , no bra..yikes!) ...and still sticks around. I have watched her kindness, patience and tenderness with my own children, and could not be happier for her and her husband as they get to become parents to a new sweet baby.  She will be a simply terrific mother:) Thank-you Aubrie, for everything!  If you ever get bored with that wee little one and are curious what having 4 kiddos is like...I can arrange that for you!

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