FROZEN...in my heart forever!

With a needle and thread, some paint, a ton of frozen water and a whole lot of love...I was able to make my 4 year old Nora's wildest dreams come true!  If you have a child, chances are you have been overtaken by the magic of the movie "FROZEN".  You can probably belt out the words to "Let it go" right along with your kids at the top of your lungs.   Children everywhere have identified with this message of hope and freedom.  Every little girl wants to be Elsa.  I see the passion my little one has for this character on a daily basis. That's why I thought it would be priceless to create an ELSA day for her:) 

I'm an artist and photographer, but above all I'm a Mom.  And as a mother I firmly believe that childhood should be as whimsical and magical as possible.  Because...as we adults know, our imaginations are fleeting and the grown-up world creeps in all too soon.  Little ones only have a few brief years of being truly wonder-struck by something as simple as dressing up and playing pretend.  

So as I sat in my sewing room, occasionally ignoring little people who were hungry, bored and looking for that missing shoe.  I quietly sang..."Let me Sew, Let me Sew.. Turn around and shut that door!" Within a few weeks Nora's homemade costumes were finally complete. Then with a dab of lip-gloss, a swipe of mascara, and fancy hairdo. My sweet 4 year old was transformed into the real life "Elsa".

We were literally standing on snow and ice in the freezing air.  Was she cold?  No way, she was Elsa...the cold would not bother her.  I just sat there and snapped pictures as she sang and acted out her favorite scenes from "FROZEN".   And just like a lovely snowflake in the palm of my hand I knew the beauty of this day was rare, and would all too soon melt away. 
As we drove home she started to drift off to sleep, but right before she closed her big blue eyes she said, " Momma, that was the best day of my life."  Oh how I wish I could just "freeze" her at this age and in that moment... forever:)

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  1. Jonnie! This is amazing. Great job. Nora is such a big girl now, and gorgeous! I bet she love love loved this.