Happy OLD year...Happy NEW YEAR!!!

I usually don't post many personal pictures...but 2011 was such a great year I had to share a few of the highlights:)   Starting with the birthdays. Hanz turned 4 and Nora turned 2 (they are born 1 day apart).  They are great pals and both love trains.  Hanz builds and re- builds his tracks and Nora is a bit more tender with her trains. She takes them on walks in her stroller, kisses them and rocks them to sleep!  They are both little TRAIN BRAINS...that is we had a train party.   I illustrated the invite below just for them! 

      Below is PUFFY MCDANIELS our fish.  Hanz wanted to make sure 
      I told everyone that he had a Birthday too.  He turned one!

On one of our many road trips we traveled to California. The Handsome Mr. Hartman loves a good old fashioned road trip, stopping and having picnics,taking our time to explore, seeing the worlds largest ball of twine.  We are lucky. Our children, although small are great little travel buddies...and LOVE the beach.  They both want to go back and live in the Hotel!

We made a stop at Disney Land.  Nora was in Princess Heaven!  When we finally had to pull her away from Ariel, she stopped and yelled, "  I NEED MORE PRINCESS!!!"

Hanz went on nearly every bike ride with us this year thanks to the Tag-a-long.  Park City has so many great trails and being new to the town we explored almost every day! So much fun! Hanz even biked the Snow Canyon Loop with his Mamma!

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  1. It is so great to see your family! We miss you guys!