I am ARTIST hear me ROAR! Come & see the JOU JOU TOY STORE!

I just completed the Window Designs for the most amazing toy store in Utah!  JOU JOU will be opening Friday Nov. 25th, at the Grand America, in SLC! Check out THIS teaser! I teamed up with the Design firm Struck- Axiom, who's client list ranges from Dreamworks to Nike!  They always let me have my creative freedom and just do my thing:)  SO many wonderful artists were involved in creating Jou Jou. (Can't wait to tell you more about them.)  I just want to give you a Sneak Peak so you will go and see it all in person!  

Here are some of the highlights...an enormous candy organ that plays music and dishes out yummy treats.  Boys can build their own robot!  Girls can capture a fairy!   And there is a Monsterpiece Theater where you can interact with a variety of wild monsters!  This a truly a magical experience with toys you won't be able to find anywhere else!  There will be a Tree Lighting ceremony and a big to-do the evening of Friday Nov. 25th...all festivities are FREE!  Come check it out!


  1. Holy COw Jonnie! This stuff is awesome! Can't wait to see all of this in person!

  2. jonnie--josh and i took finn to see your goods--it was amazing! you are so talented! I was telling people around me that my cousins wife was the creator! I felt pretty cool...keep it comin.