2 Teeny Wahine...Beach Babies!

Remember when you were little and summer seemed to last forever...Summer is not over yet!  The shores of Jordenelle Reservoir made for a perfect sand and surf moment for these sweet little Wahine ( surfer girl in Hawaiian) These two little beach babies are some of the most gorgeous children I have ever seen. Thus the long blog post...so many cute pics!  It has been a while since I have just chilled on the beach and felt like a kid again.  Thanks girls!

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  1. Hey I just linked over here from Hollie Dance's facebook. I met you a long while back , you probably don't remember me but I've just been perusing your blog. You are so talented! I have long been an admirer of Julie Parker's photography too and have to tell you that I think your photography is as good...if not better...shhh! I know the art of photography is not a competition but I'm really inspired by your artistic capabilities and thought I'd let you know! :)