A New Little Beauty

This little beauty is my new niece!  I brought my camera along to our cousins play date in Wyoming.  I am actually amazed that her mom and I were able to get a few sweet & sleepy pics. Between us we had 5 kids under the age of 5 running around her home.  And when I say running I also mean... jumping, singing, crying, pooping and hanging on our each and every limb.  And of course they all wanted to touch the baby, feed the baby ( chicken nuggets), squeeze the baby.  It was cute.. and a tad bit hectic.  Yet when you see how precious the rewards of motherhood are below...it is definatley  all worth it:)!


  1. hi it's baby-shower-allie finally commenting. okay, sign me up for the jonnie hartman fan club. I love it all. you're just fun. finally commented just to say that I took a few pictures of baby G too (oh she's a babe). we only did a very few and it wasn't warm enough to get her all stripped down. so I love love yours. love that they're all different. chair with the yellow wall is my favorite. I'll put mine up soon