MURALS...bye-bye boring wall!

It is springtime again...the time I love to get out the paint and dive in!  There is no better way to add some interest and fun in your home or business that a custom Mural!  It not only brightens the room, but also your day.  Murals don't have to be complex, they can be as simple as a retro pattern, or interesting shapes.  Some people just pick a place they love.  What ever your fancy, do it right!  Give me a call:) Thanks to Veronica Reeve for sharing her photography and also letting me brighten up her girls playroom.  Also thanks to my incredible mural sidekick Hollie Dance!


  1. Jonnie - I LOVE the walls! Do you come to people's houses to do this? I love the yellow wall and the basement wall. So fun, colorful, happy, etc! I need a change.

  2. I LOVE the walls! I wish we lived closer because I have the perfect spot for one of these in my basement!! Or....... don't you want to vacation/work in St Louis?