Heart and Soldier - Vernie Perkins

This is Vernie....my Grandpa.  He has a very thick Southern accent, and calls me his baby doll:).  When you first meet my grandfather, being that he is a former Master Drill Sargent he might intimidate you a bit.  But his bark is worse than his bite.  He actually has one of the hugest hearts in the world!  He loves giving to others.  He served his country and is a WWII Veteran ...he met my grandma during the war, who also served.   He gives his heart and soul to his family, friends and neighbors.  I think you might even say he is a local Celeb in the town of North Ogden.  He is one of my HEROS.  He helped raise me, bought me my first car, paid my way through College, really...   I just can't say enough. I am glad he is not just some old guy I see now and then... I am lucky we are great friends!  He wanted me to take his picture...so here you go Vernie!  I love you!


  1. I love Vernie! I had the pleasure of working with him in the stake years ago. I didn't know he is your grandpa. You are very lucky! I LOVE these pictures of him!!! Hope he is doing well!

  2. Ooooh Jonnie these are AMAZING! I am in love with him!!! He sounds like an wonderful person and he helped raise YOU, so I know he is. :) You are both are very lucky! These really are amazing, you need to enter them in a contest or something, you would win!

  3. Hi Jonnie, It is Krisie(Norris)Parkinson here! How are you? I came upon your blog and had no idea all the amazing things you do. You are so crazy talented! I am in aaawww! You look great and your kids are adorable. I love the pictures of Your grandpa Vernie. I love him and your sweet grandma. I always loved going to there house with you. He looks soo good. I also loved the pictures of Tammy and Becky. I see her at the salon, she is a doll. Hope your family is doing good. Tell John and Lola hello for me.:)