S N O W... another word for LOVE!

My parents met as ski instructors,  I was born on a snowy October night, I was to young to remember learning to walk or ski because they both happened at the same time.  I ditched a little too much high school to head to the mountains, I have a snowflake tattoo, I know SnowBasin like the back of my hand.  Yes it's true... I Love SNOW!  Okay, I will admit, the last year in Arizona was lovely hanging by the pool in December.  But as I stared at the Saguaros something was missing.  I've decided without SNOW I lose a little bit of my soul.  

There is just something magical about that first real storm, after the clouds lift, and what has been left is a silent, glittering, sparkling white  blanket underneath a bluebird sky!  So many days from my youth were spent knee deep in powder with family and great friends by my side.   This year I am extra excited to get back to the mountains, not only because of my leave of absence from Utah but, I designed my own Snowboard! Yes, it has a picture of me on it....( it is representative o mother-nature bringing in winter and other symbolism)  I am not vain... a lot of artists do self portraits... right?  Anyhow, even if you don't ski or snow board....head to the mountains this season just to check out the intense and refreshing beauty of SNOW.  We live in Utah People, " Greatest Snow On Earth",  Host of 2002 Winter Olympics...if you don't head to the mountains it would be like living in Hawaii and not heading to the beach!  Go on do it....and thank me later!

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