Glide, Soar, Fly...

I hold a special place in my heart for this Public Art Work that I created a few years back.  It was my first project in which I moved from the indoors to the harsh weather of the Utah outdoors. That threw a whole new set of challenges my way !  Have you ever heard the term," Fake it until you make it?"  Well that's what I felt like!  In a bit over my head, standing on a scaffolding bending metal, using a crane to put the pieces together.  I ended up with a finished piece that stood 25ft tall 8 ft wide.   When done I also had built great confidence in myself, because I had a visual testament to what a little imagination and my two little hands could do.  "Glide, Soar Fly", was featured in Southwest Art Magazine, in the top 10 sculptures of the West.  It's old home was in Downtown SLC, in front of Abravenel Hall.  But it has recently been purchased by the great city of Ogden!  Thanks Ogden City for letting this artwork continue to SOAR!


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